The Emergency Management Coordinator is responsible for the development and administration of the community's emergency preparedness program, which includes developing emergency plans and procedures to coordinate emergency service response when disasters occur.

Derick Wartzenluft - EMC
(610) 621-8198

Following a major storm or disaster, Township residents and property owners can facilitate the damage reporting process by promptly reporting damages to the Township Office or directly to the Township Emergency Management Coordinator. TO REPORT DAMAGES SUSTAINED DURING STORMS AND DISASTERS, PLEASE COMPLETE A "BERKS COUNTY INDIVIDUAL DAMAGE ASSESSMENT REPORT" AND SUBMIT IT VIA EMAIL TO THE TOWNSHIP OFFICE OR DIRECTLY TO THE TOWNSHIP EMC. PLEASE SUBMIT COMPLETED FORM(S) ALONG WITH A PICTURE OR TWO TO SHOW THE EXTENT AND SCOPE OF THE DAMAGE. NOTE: Completion of the individual damage assessment report/form IS NOT in lieu of contaacting your insurance. Please contact your insurance company, as well.

Federal Emergency Management Agency


Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency


Berks County Department of Emergency Services