Rockland Township Budget

The Rockland Township Board of Supervisors is responsible for passing a budget for the Township prior to the start of each year. In order to meet the State advertising and notification requirements, the budget is tentatively approved during the November Board of Supervisors meeting, with final approval and adoption at the December Board of Supervisors meeting.

Rockland Township utilizes the chart of accounts recommended by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the fiscal administration of Pennsylvania municipalities. At the close of each year, the accounts and financial statements are audited by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm. The results of this audit are made available to the public and submitted directly to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The CPA firm also prepares the annual reports required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Rockland Township Non-Uniformed Employees Pension Plan - Disclosure Forms

Chapter 7-A of Act 44 of 2009 mandates the annual disclosure of certain information by every Contractor which is a party to a professional services contract with one of the pension funds of the Municipality. Act 44 disclosure requirements apply to Contractors who provide professional pension services and receive payment of any kind from the Municipality's pension fund. It is the Municipality's responsibility to prepare and send the Disclosure Form to all Contractors requesting their responses. The Municipality should file these completed Disclosure Forms with the pension plan documents. If the Municipality maintains a website, it is required by Act 44 that all disclosure forms be posted on the website.

Copies of the Act 44 Submissions Are Provided Through the Links Below: